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The Dreadlock Artist Collective seed was planted back in September of 2019 after Alin Leslie, who has dedicated over 20 years traveling and teaching dreadlock education, invited Crissa Rajczy and Liz Kidder to co-teach a Level Up Workshop in Los Angeles with her. Alin, Crissa and Liz had been friends and inspirational collaborators for well over a decade! Acknowledging and understanding the struggles of their own careers as dreadlock artists, their determination of seeking knowledge and the years of awkward technique mishaps, they unanimously found it imperative that they share these leaned experiences with other artists alike.


They discovered that one of the many struggles of the modern hair stylist, even pre-COVID, was taking time away from being ‘behind the chair’ to travel for education, which we all know is the bread and butter. After collecting feedback from their students they found there was a lack of commitment for overwhelming longterm prerecorded classes, these students missed not having guided individualized support and desired having options with openminded resourceful techniques. As artists we are visual and require customized education that is relatable, creates excitement, and therefore is retainable. With these factor, and others in mind the girls decided to start an online education platform.


After launching Dreadlock Artist Collective on January 8th 2020 we hit the ground running! Since then we have added other talented Dreadlock Artist to our family! Each and every coach has brought their own personal touch, their own learned skill-sets, and self taught professionals techniques.

The Dreadlock Artist Collective is a thriving community of well established Dreadlock Artists that all share a valuable passion for modern day dreadlocking. Together we have over 100+ years of combined experience in our industry.
Through all of our experiences we have found that our knowledge, passion and success has no use being coveted and is best shared with others openly with loving guidance and support. We each have our own techniques and style and we celebrate the diversity that each artist brings to their craft. We are here to share, teach, inspire, support and build an extraordinarily strong, talented, knowledgeable and loving COMMUNITY of like-minded Dreadlock Artists TOGETHER! Please join us!
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