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Mindy Sherrill - Love Locks Dreadlock Salon

Instagram: @mindy_lovelocks

Hi I’m Mindy! Growing up in a world of hair and following the footsteps of my amazing talented mother, I too share a love for hair creation and artistry! This passion has paved the road for me to become a licensed Cosmetologist, for over a decade now, and has led to a rewarding and playful life of professional dreadlocks! With a little guidance, a ton of research, much determination and self education, I found myself inevitably working full-time as a dedicated dreadlock hairstylist... And I absolutely LOVE IT! I specialize in human hair extensions and reattachment, while taking pride in the creative transformation of each client and being part of their dreadlock journey. I look forward to sharing and providing any assistance that I can through this wonderful world of amazing artistry!

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