What is Dreadlock Artist Collective all about?

The Dreadlock Artist Collective is a thriving community of well established Dreadlock Artists that all share a valuable passion for modern day dreadlocking. Together we have over 80 years of combined experience in our industry. Through all of our experiences we have found that our knowledge, passion and success has no use being coveted and is best shared with others openly with loving guidance and supoort. We each have our own techniques and style and we celebrate the diversity that each artist brings to their craft. We are here to share, teach, inspire, support and build an extraordinarily strong, talented, knowledgable and loving COMMUNITY of like-minded Dreadlock Artists TOGETHER! 


How do I sign up for Coaching?

  • First choose your Course. We have something for everyone!

  • Once we have received your submitted form we will analyze your specific needs

  • You will then be contacted by our education coordinator to guide you to the next step, that easy!

Unsure of exactly what you need or not quite sure where to start?

  • Choose a 30 Minute 'Meet & Greet' this is one-on-one strategy coaching for only $75

  • We will assist and guide you in designing your own personalized coaching sessions

  • This 30 minute chat will provide you with TONS of professional advice and the stage is all yours!

  • Click HERE to get started - this link walks you through a few questions and a payment form 

What happens before my coaching session is set up?

  • Once we have agreed upon a structured coaching program for you payment will be discussed

  • There will be a couple forms for you to fill out and prerequisites to cover

  • Optional 15 min intro call with our coordinator to get you familiarized with video coaching 

  • At this time we will schedule your one-on-one coaching class or classes

What can I expect during and after a coaching call?

  • Each call will be recorded and structured for optimization, review and playback

  • This class is designed specifically for you and is a one-on-one class unless specified by you

  • All agreed upon courses will have timed limits and will follow a strict guideline

  • Immediately after your class session you and your coach will both provide valuable feedback 

  • Your coach will assign homework to be evaluated with deadlines determined by you both

  • We will follow up with you to insure your needs are taken care of and questions are answered


Are in person classes available? 

  • Absolutely! Classes can be scheduled at your salon/studio or at one of our educator's salons

  • If we travel to your salon, travel fees will apply covering airfare and hotel accomodations

  • There is a 2 day minimum for in-person classes at your salon

  • Please contact for a personalized quote

What if I have absolutely no experience with dreadlocks?

  • We've got you covered! Our coaches have decades of experience and would love to help you!

  • We offer one-on-one foundations courses that will teach you the basics of dreadlock creation

  • All sessions are at your convenience either online or in salon with the coach of your choice

  • Training starts at $600 and is very easy to follow. Click HERE for more information

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