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The Dreadlock Artist Collective offers in-person and online video education. These classes are open to any person interested in learning the art of dreadlocking or those wanting to elevate their already established business and/ or skills with various techniques and tools. We understand that education is not "one size fits all" and there isn't just one "cookie cutter" way to do things. Instead of long-term over committed prerecorded classes that only teach you one technique, we offer you individualized 'one on one' video or in salon coaching classes with skilled educators utilizing multiple techniques and tools. In addition to one on one classes we hold biannual workshops to keep you motivated and moving forward in your career and within our industry. Our classes are structured for individualized capabilities and will consistently elevate you to the next level at a reasonable pace.



Due to high demand and limited availability our educators now

schedule classes directly through the information below.

Many of our coaches travel quite often... contact them to catch them on the road!


Crissa Rajczy
Rebel Rebel Salon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

View Website

IG: @rebelrebelsalon


Liz Kidder

Liz Kidder Studio

Town of Auburn, New Hampshire

View Website

IG: @lizkidderstudio

Mindy Sherrill

Love Locks Salon

Fountain Valley, California 

View Website

IG: @mindy_lovelocks

Phone: 714-614-7416

Wendy Jean

Wendy Wanderlocks

Louisville, Kentucky

View Website

IG: @wendywanderlocks


Erica Nuhn
Rebel Rebel Salon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

View Website

IG: @rebelrebelsalon



Dreadlock Maintenance:

  • separating, root maintenance, body work, sculpting lumps, zig zags and loops

  • basic repair work, patching and strengthening thinning roots with clients existing hair 

  • when to and when not to use slipknots

  • products to use during maintenance and aftercare for your client

Dreadlock Extensions:

  • human and synthetic hair for length, volume and color

  • dreadlock reattachment, new or existing dreadlocks

  • how to create, install and blend dreadlock extensions

  • how to teach your clients how to maintain their dreadlock extensions at home

  • types of extension hair to purchase (quality, texture, quantity) and reliable distributors for hair

  • longevity of various extension types

  • products and how to properly use them for extensions

  • aftercare for your clients


Crochet Techniques & Hook Work:

  • the do's and don'ts of crocheting

  • different techniques of crocheting and when to use certain types of hooks

  • how to hold a hook properly to avoid injury to your hands and hair,

  • proper body and arm positioning, work smarter not harder


Dreadlock Repair & Reattachment: 

  • the anatomy of knots and dissecting them to release hairs

  • separating extremely matted roots

  • removing wax and extreme product buildup in locks, how to detox

  • reconstructing free formed locks gone wrong, re-sectioning/splitting locks (various techniques)

  • dreadlock removal

  • educating your client with at home techniques and product usage

  • with our bi-yearly summit gatherings this will be continued with 'hands on' live models 


Dreadlock Wraps & Decor:

  • bring fun, color & texture into your art with creative  wraps, beads and decor

  • recommendations to inform clients on how some wraps and beads can affect dreadlocks


Dreadlock Styling, Braids & Updos:

  • one-on-one tutorials for short and/or long locks - you choose

  • proper products to use for such occasions


Dreadlock Product Knowledge:

  • we love Dollylocks products! customized classes to expand your product knowledge & revenue

  • what products to use in your salon and what is recommend for your clients per service

  • learn all the 'basics' or have an in depth Q&A with the owner Alin Leslie herself

  • an opportunity to tour the Warehouse in St Petersburg, FL 


Tools, Supplies & Resources:

  • what we use, why or why not

  • where to purchase everything we use and suggest

  • tips, tricks and knowing where your supplies come from

Client Consultations:

  • scalp and hair assessment - health, thickness and density

  • questions to ask your clients before ordering hair and pre-making anything

  • how to respond to certain scenarios and when to "trust your gut and say "no"

  • recommending and guiding your perspective client in the right direction 

  • how to explain to each and every client as too what is achievable with their hair

  • how to give a quote and request a deposit

  • how to have your client prepare their hair for their appointment

  • recommend appropriate products for their new dreadlocks - all the aftercare

Scalp Conditions & Care:

  • what to look for, the good, the bad and the ugly - don't overstep your degree

  • how to discreetly discuss scalp issues with your client and recommend them to a dermatologist

  • knowing the different types of dandruff and how to offer remedies, not cures

  • recommended products for all scalp types


Brushable Hair Extensions:

  • when your clients want a partial head of dreadlocks without a mullet :)

  • learn the different techniques and what is best for your client

  • where to purchase hair and supplies with additional education

Dreadlock Coloring and Lightening: (licensed stylists only)

  • application, techniques, do's and don'ts, and limitations

  • proper after care and proper product aftercare

  • consent forms and stylist coverage for color removal


Client Rapport & Empowerment:

  • how to communicate with your clients efficiently and effectively

  • building a foundation of trust and knowledge before your initial appointment

  • feeling secure and confident with each and every client  


Social Media & Brand Building:

  • learn tips and tricks on how to effectively build your social media status and following

  • effective techniques to create a professional appearance that engages new customers

  • know what really works and how to integrate with pictures, pages and other brands

Photography & Portfolio Creation:

  • get professional looking pictures with minimal cost

  • how to 'set' the stage and create the best lighting indoor and outdoor

  • learn the basics for an award-winning portfolio, what to add and subtract

  • focusing on your own skillset to optimize and customize what works best for you

Signed Consents, Waivers & Legal Forms

  • learn from our years of trial and error, now all of our forms can be personalized for you

  • safety first, it's always better to insure yourself and your business from unhappy people

  • make the right choices and legal decisions when it comes to your services and business

Starting a Salon and/ or Dreadlock Business:

  • pricing structure for salons and individual stylists, how to charge accordingly for services

  • legal licenses for salons, independent contractors and sales tax

  • taking deposits learning how to value your time with personal management

  • retail and product knowledge, knowing how to educate clients, visual display and sales approaches

  • how to build an online portfolio with proper advertising that is free and effective

Editorial, Styling & Fashion:

  • getting involved with high end fashion brands for editorial and styling

  • creating an online presence to get you noticed and building a high end portfolio

  • working as a runway or fashion week hairstylist or platform artist, what to expect

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