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Crissa Rajczy - Rebel Rebel Salon

Instagram: @dreadloxoxo

My love for dreadlocks began when I started my own dreadlock journey in 2004 and since then I have dedicated my energy to dreaducating myself and perfecting my craft as a professional hairstylist and Dreadlock Artist. I have had the honor to work on hundreds of beautiful heads of locks with my clients (my dread fam) at Rebel Rebel Salon in Philadelphia, PA. Through every single one of those experiences I've become more deeply obsessed with the science, the magic, the philosophy, the beauty and the spiritual essence of dreadlocks. I believe the diversity amongst everyone's unique journeys is to be fully understood and celebrated. Dreaducation is of the utmost importance to me as it allows us to continually learn about ourselves as artists, empowers others within their own journeys and has the ability to completely re-write how dreadlocks have been misunderstood for so long. I am extraordinarily grateful to have the opportunity to share this deep part of my soul with all of you and I thank you for being here as well. I am so stoked to meet you and witness you grow as an artist in ways you'll look back on in awe! xoxo 

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