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"Liz is a great teacher/coach. She is very relaxed, makes you feel comfortable, and knows the content/industry inside and out:) she is honest and clear. Our time felt productive and informative. Also she’s just great all around so it’s fun chatting with her!🤩 I love that (it seems throughout DAC) there isn’t much about doing things right or wrong, they teach the methods they use, and share the knowledge they have on why they do or don’t use others."
-Kayla L


"I have been doing dreadlocks professionally in my salon for three years now. Nicole was easy to talk to and had good answers to all of my questions. She was able to give me good information that I will be able to take back and implement in my business. I am looking forward to future coaching sessions with Nicole!"

- Jamie T.

"Crissa got right to the content, and was super-patient and thorough. She was down-to-business, detailed, and inspiring. I left the session with the skills I'd been seeking, and felt warmly welcomed into a community of dreadlock artists."

-Ann F.

"Alin is a spectacular mentor to have in both the dreadlock community and in entrepreneurship! She is an amazing artist and a very successful business woman. During my session with her, she provided me with very clear steps to take to start my own dreadlock business RIGHT NOW with very little money upfront. In fact, I plan on continuing to seek her advice in future sessions as I build my business. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start their very own dreadlock business!"

-Nicole M.

"My coaching session with Crissa was of such a great value to me, she explained some techniques but above all we talked about how you can follow your instincts more and get more confident in my work."

-Marjolein V.

"Liz is a wealth of knowledge as she likes to learn every technique out there and combine them to best suit her process. I am very much the same way and appreciated learning her method of installing permanent dreadlocks and extensions. She is a master of her craft and is especially amazing at accessorizing dreadlocks with custom beads and wraps. Her salon setup is very similar to what I aspire to and loved talking to her about how it all came to be! I would recommend Liz to anyone looking to learn various dreadlock installation techniques as well as anyone looking to learn the art of accessorizing dreads!"

-Nicole M.

"Nicole offers a superb and seamless technique that provides predictable and attractive results from the anchor point to the resolution point of a dreadlock. I value her ability to attach concise  verbal descriptions to her manual demonstrations. She relays concrete information about the results a practitioner can anticipate while creating and maintaining dreadlocks using her technique set. She is friendly, engaging and demonstrates stellar ability to assume  an identifiable leadership role  and direct her students gently yet firmly from point to point through her course. She provides a fastidious educational experience and more importantly when the technique is practiced in real life setting, the results achieved are visually tidy and lovely to look at as well as behaviorally accurate for the client to manage day to day. This expedient to practice method is also very kind to my body to administer. Gratitude to DAC for providing an excellent consistent and reliable virtual skill enhancing platform. This is an easy to use, highly valuable vehicle for dreadlock knowledge enhancement. I appreciate that I can conveniently receive personalized education right from my home. My educator, Nicole, offers a technique that I had found compelling when I saw her practice it on Instagram. I requested info on whether that was something she would offer training in. I found signing up for coaching very easy through the DAC site. During class, the Zoom platform worked very smoothly. I felt very accomplished in processing the new info as well as applying it professionally very quickly afterward. I’m very excited to have found a highly effective way to receive ongoing specialty dreadlock education on a regular basis."

-Jonquil D.


"Nicole is such a rockstar! She is a master of her craft and is especially amazing at creating and installing synthetic dreadlocks...something I had never done before. She broke everything down into simple steps and made the process so much less intimidating. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking how to create permanent or synthetic dreads!"

-Nicole M.

"I highly recommend this coaching. Custom & with some of the best artists out there. I wasn’t at all hesitant. I budget education upgrades every year. I was already a big fan of Carissa’s work. It was an honour to receive coaching from her. Thanks Carissa so much. Thank you to DAC for creating this beautiful community for locticians. There is nothing better than one on one training especially when we can do this in the comfort of our homes. So much love for all of you!"

-Jackie O.

"Nicole (Rollie Locs) is absolutely amazing! Very professional, patient and knowledgeable. She was able to answer EVERY question and address all my concerns. She encouraged and cheered me on which made me more confident. She was able to tailor the class based on my skillset and completed all the components of class I requested. I will definitely refer her and possibly take another class with her again! Thank you!"

-Flo D.

"My coach Crissa was amazing I just loved her. She really could not have been any better. I am so impressed with everything."

Alisha M.

"Crissa taught me a hook-work technique that now allows me to create dreadlocks MUCH FASTER than before. She is so cool and an obvious expert in her field! It was a pleasure to learn from her years of experience as a loctician and would recommend her to anyone looking to learn dreadlocks, particularly those new to the craft, as she is very good at breaking down the process into simple steps."

-Nicole M. 

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