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Alin Leslie - Dollylocks

Instagram: @dollylocks

Hello beautiful people! I'm Alin Leslie, the creator and founder of the Dollylocks Professional Organic Dreadlock Product Line and the Dollylocks Salon in St Petersburg, Florida. I have been specializing in dreadlock for over 25 years, beginning my career in NYC creating editorial and club inspired looks with synthetic and human hair add-ins. I have been an educator and session stylist for many high-end brands, having the privilege to work both NY and London Fashion Weeks, as well as NY Bridal Week. I relocated to Florida in 2002 continuing to build the Dollylocks brand as well as my session styling and editorial career.  Recognizing the need for a clean, residue-free, plant-based dreadlock product line, my love and passion for dreadlocks escalated by developing, perfecting, and launching the Dollylocks Product Line in 2011. Dollylocks is the largest globally sought after product line specifically designed for dreadlocks of all types. I have a niche for business and a flair for design! I absolutely LOVE what I do and cannot wait to share my learned experiences with you all!

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